Pickled green tomatoes

The summer season last so long last year, we harvested the last tomatoes in October, and some green ones were still growing. 
As the weather was getting dodgy, we decided to pick them, and so I had to figure out what to do with green tomatoes.
In France, we are not used to eat green tomatoes, so I never had a chance till now to try some recipes with them.
And one of the thing I really care when I have my own garden is to be able to take profit of all of its opportunities and be able to preserve everything that cannot be eaten straight away.

So, I decided to try to pickle the green tomatoes as we do with our gherkins. It is
sooooo quick and easy, and so rewarding! I only can encourage to try to do so! You will be so happy to open the green tomatoes for a winter meal or to give them away for Christmas!

Recipe for 4 cans:
- green tomatoes cut if too big
- white vinegar
- 1 garlic clove per jar
- spices and herbs: bay leaves, sage, black peppercorns, Madagascar peppercorns, coriander seeds, tarragon, sea salt.

1/ Clean the cristal jars in the dishwasher. It is the best way to ensure it is perfectly safe.

2/First put 1 garlic clove, just peeled and cut in half in at the bottom.

3/ Add the green tomatoes, you cleaned and cut if necessary.

4/ Add your choice of herbs and spices. Choose the ones you like most or the ones available in hand.

5/ Boil the the white vinegar and once it is hot, pour it till the top. Close the jar straight away and turn it up side down. Let it cool down.

6/ Keep in your fridge for 1 month at least. Enjoy with some fondue, raclette, cold meat cuts, or some hummus or use it to make salsa verde!

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