On Thursday, I went for dinner with my friend Christian. From the Grote Markt, we started to walk in Lange Veerstraat, and I finally decided him to get into Truffels,... I knew the restaurant participated to the Haarlem Culinair, and I had a good intuition about it,... so we did not even look at the card and just get in!

We had a table right away, and I seat in a narrow and small restaurant, decorated with elegance and with a nice filtered light.
The lady at the service was absolutely nice and explained us that they only have a unique degustation menu of 6 courses for 39,75 Euros,... gulps,... a little bit more expensive that I was thinking to pay tonight, but we wanted to try.
Unfortunately, the restaurant was packed and we wait really too much between each meal,....

I do think it was worthy,... but on a Thursday night, it´s not exactly what you are looking for,... our mistake in this case!
Let me tell you the menu, because it was really a fantastic experience! The ones that I really like! Creative, tasty, fresh, stylish,... a wonderful dinner!

1. We had 3 glasses. In the first one we have a compote of red beets over a oysters espuma (foam). Then a gambas cocktail with a mojito mayonnaise and some deep fried gambas,....delicious and balanced!
Finally we had a cucumber sherbet to refresh and wash your mouth.

2. Codfish with a kind of eggplant caviar, a mini zucchini stuffed with pesto, a tomato sherry stuffed and grilled with mozzarella, grilled green aspargus, red bell pepper espuma,....again perfect balance of flavours and texture.

3. Duck magret (1 small piece,... not enough, as it was so delicious), with a smoked mashed pumpkin, mustard fresh spinach, anise jus and a mini mango cone! I really have to say that the smoked pumpkin just charmed me,... and the duck with the anise sauce was an absolutely fantastic idea!

4. A wonderful duet of beef roast and stewed, a shallots mashed potatoes and fried artichoke with its sauce,... perfect meat, lovely taste of the shallots in the mash!

5. Cheese, a small spoon of creamy French cheese and old mimolette served with a raisin marmalade.

6. Green apple smoothie, pear sherbet and pear strudel with marzipan! The last mouthful was the best!

They do renew the menu every 6 weeks, so I´m pretty sure to come back a try new flavours next month!

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