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On Sunday, I went to watch El Bullí: Cooking in progress.
I wanted to see the movie for a long time, and they finally put it on Filmschuur in Haarlem, my favorite spot to watch good movies!
I invited Edgar, a gourmet and fanatic about Haute Cuisine and Grand Chefs friend! I knew that we will have a big time together and that we will enjoy the documentary.

The critics was saying that it was a little bit dreary and long,... In my opinion, the movie was too short,...
You can have an idea here with the trailer:

I had a beautiful time! I get inspired and I admire all the more what this amazing Chef did with the cuisine!
The movie basically tracks 1 year of working in El Bullí. The restaurant was opened only 6 months of the year, but the rest of the time, the inner team was searching and researching, creating new textures and flavours for the next season.
The documentary starts with the research and shows how the team is working hard to find new ideas.
The precise methods, the high technology machines, the deep knowledge of the chefs about products and the philosophy of Ferrán,... everything was so impressive and exciting!

But what really made my heart jumped was that I was watching a real creative process! In a couple of scenes, I had the feeling to watch Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano or Jean-Paul Gautier!
I have to say that, I love fashion and since I am a kid, I follow the Paris catwalks every season, particularly the Haute Couture. My grandma was used to sew my clothes, and I started early to pay attention to the fabrics, the patrons and the fashion,...
When I was watching Ferrán Adriá with the recipes ideas on big board, all written with pencil with drawings, I had the feeling to see a rough sketch from a haute couture dress,....

Going back to the kitchen at the restaurant, before the start of the season, the work and organization of the whole team was looking like a ¨petites mains¨team of a designer again.
Ferrán researches perfection, but also a new experience, a new emotion,... this is what Haute Couture is also doing,...
I had the chance to eat in some of the best restaurants in the world like The French Laundry, Aguíla y Sol, Sant Celoni, La Broche, etc... always had amazing experiences, but I think they are still far away from what Ferrán achieved. 
He totally changed the perspective of the cuisine, the way food and drinks are seen,... 
At the end of the movie, we can see a photo shooting (like in a fashion show!), where the dishes offered during the season are looking like pieces of art,...

I got out from this movie, emotionally caught up,... inspired, full of an unknown energy,... I am sad that I did not take the chance to go to El Bullí some years ago as it finally closed, but I am very happy that Ferrán will follow his labor in the new foundation he created.

With people like Ferrán Adria, that pay attention to the quality of the food, and the taste and flavours above anything else, I find my wine tastings a small but right pedagogic tool to teach people how to enjoy flavours and quality wines!
Life is an eternal learning process, and we have so much thing to learn about food and wines,... I hope to meet you soon to one of the next wine tasting and get the chance to share a small piece of my knowledge and passion!

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