Thanksgiving sumup of my best recipes!

It is time for Thanksgiving again. 2020 is a very special, not say weird year for all of us. I started to celebrate this American feast years ago. I like to get inspired by all different cultures and beliefs and create my own traditions fitting tradition with me and not the contrary.

Usually, I try to get specials friends around the table for that special day. This is year, I am just thankful for being alive, having my family safe and being able to keep on working.

Being thankful, celebrating what we have is something big. It is time to indulge ourselves, to care of our own people, community...

Wherever you are on this planet, being alone or not, have a look at all my recipes, and I hop you can find some inspiration! Vegan, vegetarian or not, sugar free and gluten free cakes, traditional or more rock'n roll, all options are covered! Have a look and cook something amazing this week!


14 Ideas for your Thanksgiving Menu


French Style Dinner for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Menu and recipes: the American dream with a French twist


Meatless Loaf for thanksgiving with red beans


Fabulous Stephi's Pumpkin Pie for thanksgiving

Gluten and sugar free Pecan pie


Pumpkin Bavarois like a cheesecake




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