Aphrodisiac menu for Saint Valentine

Food has always been linked to pleasure, sharing and caring, and it takes all its power when you talk about the person that shares your life, support you and stand for you!

So let's celebrate SV-day, not commercially, but sensually!
I am sure that you heard about some aphrodisiac food. I made some research to find inspiration and could find a lot of products and spices in the gourmet sleuth website that I want to share with you!
Here you have a short list of aphrodisiac food:
Almond, aniseed, arugula, asparagus, avocado, banana, basil, broccoli, chocolate, cinnamon, carrot, coffee, coriander, fennel, fig, garlic, ginger, honey, liquorice, mustard, nutmeg, oysters, pine nuts, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, truffles,  vanilla, and,... wine!

This gave me some inspiration! This are my ideas for SV-day for a sensual and sexy dinner next Monday 14th of February!
First, I think that finger food whenever it is possible will be more sensual. Let´s your basic instincts get out! It will also allow you to share the dish with your partner,... so romantic! (sigh!)

Secondly, it is important to open your senses delicately,.... for this, some Champagne (I am French, I cannot help it!) could be chic, and in this case, you will have to drink Brut. But you can also opt for any kind of sparkling wine, cheaper and prepare some warming cocktail! A traditional one, could be a Kir Royal! Not so easy to find out of France, but always impressive! You put some creme de cassis in the bottom of your glass and fill up with bubbles. 

Another one, that I really loved,  a vanilla pod dipped in your sparkling wine glass,...
But please,.... even if you like it a lot, DO NOT HAVE Champagne with strawberries! They do not match together! Reserve your strawberries to eat for dessert with some chocolate fondue, you will enjoy it much better!
You can serve some homemade spicy nuts with it!

Then, a lot of ideas came to me, finger food, spicy recipes, tasty and aphrodisiac,... these are some ideas.

Shrimp summer roll by Appetit Voyage
Summer Roll
Ideas of starters:
  • Spicy shrimps to nibble with your fingers
  • Sushi and Makis - You can do a remake Samantha's SV-day gift for her partner in Sex and The city!
  • Vietnamese summer roll with shrimp, coriander and carrot - for an exotic trip,....
  • Beef thai salad - hot, hot, hot!
  • Arugula salad with fresh fig, basil and pistachio, and toast of goat cheese and honey
  • Individual tatin tart of turnips served with smoked duck - French chic!
  • Cockles salad with a coriander vinaigrette - to eat with fingers and suck the shells!
  • Avocado salad with pineapple, shrimp and coriander - A Caribbean whisper...
  • Asparagus with curry mimosa eggs dressing - Just imagine eating the asparagus,....
  • Scallop carpacio with Fennel salad - Trendy and chic
  • Or just some fresh oysters,.... served with lemon!
  • Surprising rhubarb and prawns appetizer - spicy and exotic!
Ideas of main dishes:
  • Mustard crusted roast beef and stuffed fennel with sauteed carrot and turnips - I´m your man!
  • Spicy Grilled lamb shops with basmati rice flavored with jasmine and cardamon - Exotic treasure,...
  • Asian style salmon with ginger, garlic, coriander, lemon grass - The power of the Tiger!
  • Vanilla lobster - Chic, sexy and,... expensive!

To finish in an explosion of pleasure:
  • Chocolate coulant with a raspberries coulis - A best seller, that you can make yourself! You can actually even pimped this one into a kind of Black Forrest as I proposed in one of my other post.
  • Spicy cookies coated with chocolate - with a heart shape?
  • Chocolate Fondue served with speculoos (for the cinnamon), fresh figs, strawberries, banana, mini croissants,.... - just put some chocolate on your skin and let your partner lick it,...
  • Panna cotta with raspberries coulis - light fresh and fruity, to activate your desire!
  • Chocolate sablé with raspberries -
  • Petits pots de crème, expresso, liquorice and chocolate flavors - make them all and then play to let him guess which taste each of them,....
  • Banana split! - So sexy,...
  • Profiteroles - traditional but always attractive! 
  • Flambeed bananas crepe - you will get hot and dizzy! 
  • Exotic chocolate tart - bite and get surprise by the black pepper and caramelized bananas,...
More chocolate recipes here: 10 crazy chocolate cakes by Stephi!

Did you already make your choice for the dinner? 

Whatever you choose, always remember, that the unique and real aphrodisiac is your own mind! Aphrodisiac food does not really exist as the studies showed (watch the linked video for more info). But, it is your mind, the true aphrodisiac. And if some nice food and wine can light up the sparkle, then your mind will do the rest! Just relax and enjoy!


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