7 Sweet Veggies Cakes to finally ditch refined sugar!

Cooking sweet desserts not using refined sugar, and adding as a main ingredient veggies is so much fun and so delicious, I wanted to show you all you can do and all you can imagine with it!

Since I am back in France, it is just 4 years now, I realized how French are so far away from my way of eating and cooking. For 1 year and half now, I work for an amazing Engineers' school in Food and Agriculture in Lyon where we also gather a start up incubator and teach our students to be innovative in the food industry.

Even surrounded by these amazing professors, start uppers and researchers, I am puzzled every time I express my concern about refined sugar or the rise of allergies in food. My colleagues are the best advocate for French terroir and traditional French food, but really disconnected with worldwide food trends and diets.

If my job does not let me much time left for writing new recipes,... I supposed you noticed the blog is a bit forgotten for months now, I wanted to gather together some of my cakes recipes made from veggies!

On the blog I already created some yummy recipes you may know:

1/ Beet-red velvet cake, a traditional American recipe turned into healthy! 

2/ Sweet potatoes bread and cookies, easy and comforting snacks

3/ Scandalous red beans brownie, chocolate decadent and so surprising!

4/ Pecan Pie, another surprising sweet potatoes recipe

5/ Avocado chocolate cake like a bavarois

7/ Pumpkin bavarois like a cheesecake!

From here, what should be my next testing recipe? Which veggie would you like to see in a sweet cake? Feel free to inspire us and share your own experiment! For daily updates and see what I eat and cook, follow me on Instagram please!

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