10 Healthy and Comfy recipes for lockdown 2.0

France is back to lockdown, and as fall is always a bit depressing, I can really feel people sad and worried and angry since last weekend.

I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes, my top 10 favorite recipes that comfy and healthy. A lot of us are still struggling with the unhealthy habits we had during spring, and I recognize myself I feel also more sluggish and sad now I am eating more pasta, meat and other junk food than ever.

I hope these recipes will inspire you, and will help you lift your spirit as well as your body. I spent a lot of years working with the most amazing nutritionist, Cecilia Gotherstrom from Studio Stark International, and she really made me conscious of the importance of our food choices regarding physical and mental health.

I am not a nutritionist, but I think Cecilia would approve most of the recipes. 

I chose:

- gluten free

- refined sugar free

- vegan or at least vegetarian

- easy to find and affordable ingredients

- quick and easy recipes

1/ Veggies Curry

If there is a one recipe that lift me up during winter, is curry! Spices and creaminess is just like hugging a loved one for a while!

On the blog, I only shared my chicken curry recipe, you can find below.

Since some years, I usually skip the chicken and replace it by a bunch of veggies. I just throw whatever I have in my fridge, and I also combine, fresh, canned, frozen or leftover veggies.

For a base, I always have in my fridge onions, garlic, fresh ginger, carrots, celery sticks and potatoes. From there, everything is possible!

I also usually have in my freezer: green beans, spinach, green peas.

I like chickpeas in my curry, and for example, cauliflower is amazing as well.

I also use canned tomatoes during winter.

This is the chicken version of it: https://appetitvoyage.blogspot.com/2011/08/chicken-curry.html

2/ Lentils' stew

This stew can be made with any kind of lentils you have in hand. I usually make a big batch for several days, because I cannot get tired of it.

3/ Hummus with sweet potatoes fries

You can first find the recipe for hummus here on the blog: https://appetitvoyage.blogspot.com/2013/05/aperidip-24-original-dips-to-shake-up.html

Then, you can make sweet potatoes fries in the oven, it is super quick and easy:

Slice in wedges a couple of sweet potatoes, if possible all with the same size in order it roast evenly. Either you put them directly on your baking tray or in a bowl. Add some olive oil or avocado oil or even coconut oil. Season with smoked paprika (Spanish pimenton), dried rosemary, salt and pepper or any other spices and herbs you like. I must say, I am totally addicted to smoked paprika and the combination with rosemary and sweet potatoes is woooow!

Mix in order the wedges are properly covered and place every wedge separated on the baking tray, and in the oven at 190C for 30 min approx. Depending on your oven, it can take a bit longer or not. When your fries are golden, and you can hear them crackling, it is ready!

4/ Chili sin carne

I had been checking my blog, and I am quite shocked: there is no chili sin carne recipe!!! How could it be?

I often cook this meal during winter because it is really comfy and nice, and I make a large batch for several days, as nobody minds to repeat!

let's make it simple:

In a large and thick bottom stew, I gather sliced onions, garlic, sliced celery stick, 1 diced carrot and a pinch of cumin seeds with olive oil. I stir on medium heat till all of the veggies start to get golden.

Then I add whatever veggies I have: thick slices of more carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli or cauliflower etc.

Then I add a can of tomatoes and its same amount of water, another can of red beans, a small can of sweet corn. You can also mix the kind of beans if you have.

Add some concentrated tomato paste, bay leave, salt and pepper, coriander seeds, a bit more cumin and some paprika. Let it simmer for 20min at medium-low heat. 

You can cook it in several times, let it cook longer, and the more you re-heat it, the better!

Enjoy with some wild rice.

5/ Dahl

This is an amazing recipe, and you do not need to make the topping if you do not have time! Skip this part, and you still have a delicious dish!




6/ Tacos

Mexico and its so delicious food. An easy dinner that will please everyone is to prepare some tacos!

Get some corn tortillas or make them yourself. I prefer the corn taste than the wheat ones, but it is up to you. Warm them up in a non sticking pan for 2 minutes each side before serving.

Prepare different small bowls with: sweet corn, guacamole (see below the link to the recipe), slices of bell pepper, dices of tomatoes, shredded lettuce of cabbage, fresh coriander, red beans, grilled mushrooms, and any other veggies you may like! Have some hot sauce and some yogurt mixed with garlic and mint.

You can of course have some stirred fried chicken, fish or shrimps, but a vegetarian one is also really filling. The key is vary the veggies and the colors and you will never get tired of it!

You can also prepare a tray of oven baked cauliflowers roasted with cumin, paprika and coriander seeds, the same way I made my sweet potatoes fries.

Each person can decide what to fill in and everybody is happy!

Find here the a quick guacamole recipe to go with it: https://appetitvoyage.blogspot.com/2013/05/aperidip-24-original-dips-to-shake-up.html

7/ Misa's noodles salad

This is one of my stapled recipe for happiness! The first time, my amazing Japanese friend, Misa cooked it for me, I had to ask her to make more, because it was so delicious. We shared it on new year's day, and it as so satisfying and so comfy, that it became new year's signature dish!

A lot of years passed since I tried it the first time, and nowadays, I switch the meat for some aubergine and mix of mushrooms.

You can even level up the aubergine recipe with my favorite one here on the blog: https://appetitvoyage.blogspot.com/2017/09/asian-style-aubergine.html

8/ Miso Soup

Miso soup is a Japanese staple dish. I prepare myself an easy one using what i have in hand.

The secret of a good miso soup is the broth. Of course, I do not have the original broth available usually, a tuna flake broth. I just prepare any kind of broth as long as it is rich and, if possible, homemade.

I always have miso paste in the fridge. I like to add fresh chives, raw mushrooms slices, tofu, of course some seaweed. You can have some thin slices of carrots, some cooked rice. The most important is the miso paste and the seaweed, and then it is up to your imagination!

9/ French Onion soup

This one is probably the sweetest memory I have ever had. When I was really little, my grand parents were taking care of me when my parents were working. I would arrive at their place, still sleepy in the early morning and was usually finding my grand father at the big family table having breakfast. My grand parents were farmers and working outside all day long. My grandma was used to prepare a large batch of onion soup for winter nights. And My granddad would have some as well for breakfast on the next morning.

So, when I was coming from the frozen morning to their warm home, and because I wanted to do the same as my granddad, I started to also have onion soup for breakfast. One of the best memory I have with my granddad.

I stopped having onion soup at breakfast, but it is a family staple for winter Sunday nights!

The recipe is really easy: in a large thick bottom casserole, let golden slices of yellow or white onions with olive oil (or butter if you eat). I count 1 big onion per person. Stir constantly till it gets golden and translucid. Pour some veggies or chicken broth (the chicken broth recipe is explained on the link below), add a couple bay leaves, thyme, salt and pepper. Cook for at least 30 minutes, and feel free to prepare in advance.

Serve with garlic toasted bread and cheese if you eat.

More soup recipes that also fit heavenly: https://appetitvoyage.blogspot.com/2012/10/anti-flu-chicken-soups-remedies.html

And one more: https://appetitvoyage.blogspot.com/2017/06/fusion-lyon-and-thai-soup-with.html

10/ Pad thai

The original recipe includes shrimps. Feel free to replace it with a marinated tofu.

This recipe requires a bit of exotic ingredients, but feel free to adapt with what you have in your fridge! For instance, the dressing contains a lot of exotic sauces. Either you have them, and go ahead, either you have only peanut butter and soy/tamari sauce. You know what: that is enough! Do not complicate and feel free to use the nuts you have around as well.


Why these 10 healthy and comfy recipes are my favorite? 

All of them have 2 common points: 

- first they all have spices inside 

- and secondly they are all linked to a sweet memory. 

You always feel comfy with things, tastes you know, and where there is nice and warming feeling attached.

So, it is my personal list, and I am sure you can come up with at least 3 favorite healthy and comfy recipes! Please let me know and share with all of us!


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