How to make a delicious Christmas dinner...

...quick and easy with 0 stress!

Christmas is this time of the year when we get together with the family and share with the beloved people.
For me, to offer a good dinner or lunch is the gift I want to share with my family and friends.

Are you going to cook for Christmas?

Do you think Christmas means complicated dishes, lot of time in the kitchen and expensive treats?

Let me change your mind and help you to find some tasty and amazing ideas that will not take you long time, and lots of money, but will be still good looking and delicious!

You will find below a list of ideas, all very easy and quick to make! You can't miss it! From each section, you can choose 1 dish and build up your menu easily!

Let's start!

1/ Aperitif and appetizers:
This is celebration time and we need to have a nice toast with friends! Champagne would be, of course, my first choice for that. The main problem with Champagne wines, is the price!

If you want to choose a more affordable wine, I do have some good alternatives: Kir Royal cocktail!
The kir royal (I love the name!) is a simple cocktail mixing Champagne or sparkling wine with a crème de cassis. Crème de Cassis is a French blueberry liquor coming from Burgundy and very famous in France. You can find this kind of liquor quite everywhere, or with other flavor like raspberry, blackberry or peach. My favorite one is still the original. 
In the Netherlands, the Bols brand has a nice one for example.

In champagne glass (narrow and long), you put a little bit (1 tea spoon) of the liquor, and finish with a fresh sparkling wine. My favorite sparkling wines for this cocktail would be either French or Spanish.

In France, you can find Burgundy sparkling wine, or a Saumur or Blanquette de Limoux. In Spain, I choose a good Cava. In the Netherlands, you have a good friend that will help you to find the right sparkling wine you want: Taste and Tintle.

Appetizers to go with the cocktail:

You can also prepare a nice verrine. This is the main trend in France. To prepare a nice verrine, you need some tequila or vodka glasses. Small glasses. 
Fill them up with different ingredients playing with colorful layers and that's it! Check more about the verrine on this related post: How to make a trendy French appetizer

2/ Starters:

3/ Main Course:

4/ Side dishes:

5/ Desserts and other sweets:

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