My 10 best restaurants in Haarlem...

... so far!

My friends are asking me for this for months now,... so I finally took the time to put together my best rated restaurants in Haarlem, so far,... I still have a lot to try, and I keep on discovering with my Meetup Group Dinning out in Haarlem!

I will be updating the list, but this can already be a good start if you look for a restaurant in Haarlem!
1. Noor
3. Swoel
6. Zuidam
7. Erwan Thai 
8. Brick

Noor, Truffels and Karmozijn are pricy but worthy! Choose them for a special occasion or a romantic dinner.

Erwan is definitely the best Thai restaurant in Haarlem, as for me is the Indian Corner for the Indian cuisine!
I also spent nice dinners at Scampi, Bij Tholen, Biabia, Fortuyn, Sumo, Kale Pater, Venezzia, Novecento, Stempels, Beindum, Wilma and Albert, Wensen, Applause, etc...

Instead, I would NOT recommend to go to Spectackel, Rio Negro, La Plume, Los Pinchos, Shabu Shabu, Woodstone Pizza, Dijkers. Restaurants are expensive here,  I am now used to it. But there is something I cannot accept, is to eat badly or have a bad service! All these restaurants were really disappointing either for the quality of the food or the service.

I would love to have your comments about this ranking and perhaps you can suggest me the next restaurants to try in Haarlem! You can easily post it just below this article!

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